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DATE PUBLISHED: 15 May 2017 LAST UPDATED: 13 Apr 2022

Cavity Wall Insulation – Have you got a claim?

What is the Government’s energy efficiency scheme?

The UK Government has taken a series of measures, during the last two decades, aimed at reducing the emission of greenhouse gases. This initiative was implemented by energy suppliers, who were required to meet the Government’s targets, with fines taking place in the event of failure. Amongst the measures taken was the incentivisation of cavity wall insulation with the promise of savings on energy bills.

Cavity Wall Insulation – What are the issues?

Millions of people were persuaded by energy firms to participate in the scheme, by obtaining cavity wall insulation, with the promise of smaller bills. This work was contracted out to installation firms by energy companies which were required to meet the Government’s energy targets. Insulation companies were also given the task of attracting homeowners into the scheme.

However, a report published by the Government in December 2016 admitted that there were ‘too many poor-quality installations’ conducted by companies which ‘do not have the skills required’. As a result of poor quality installations, lack of proper surveys and the unsuitability of many properties for cavity wall insulation, approximately1.5 million houses have been suffering from damp and mould problems. In addition, health issues have been caused to their occupants.

A survey of 250,000 properties by thermal-imaging company, IRT Surveys Ltd, found that the addition of cavity wall insulation to existing homes caused various issues in a quarter of the homes surveyed. Taking into consideration that more than 6 million properties have had cavity wall insulation since 1995 (following the Government’s rules in 1994 for energy efficiency), this may mean that approximately 1.5 million properties have been adversely affected.

Victims adversely affected by cavity wall insulation work have widely reported during the last couple of years the problems that this has caused to their homes and their health.

Cavity Insulation Guarantee Agency (CIGA)

CIGA is an organisation which guarantees to put things right for consumers if something goes wrong with the insulation work, and when the installation firm itself is not able to provide redress.

However, homeowners are increasingly complaining that neither the installers nor their “guarantee” provider, CIGA, have acknowledged that the cavity wall insulation is the cause of the problems. Instead, they have both typically insisted that damp problems are due to construction faults in the building (which should have been identified prior to installation in order to assess the suitability for insulation) or “lifestyle condensation” caused by the occupants (even when condensation had not been an issue prior to the installation).

How can Ellis Jones help you?

Ellis Jones Solicitors is highly experienced in dealing with mis–selling claims and in obtaining compensation for those affected. If you believe that you have, in any way, been adversely affected by the insulation installed at your home, please contact Paul Kanolik ( in our specialist Dispute Resolution Department on 01202 525333 to discuss how we can assist you.

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