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DATE PUBLISHED: 24 Jun 2016 LAST UPDATED: 13 Apr 2022

Accident lawyers back Operation Wheels in Dorset

Ellis Jones Motorcycle Accident team are backing a new operation commencing in Dorset focusing on educating motorcyclists.

Dorset Police have just launched Operation Wheels that will run throughout the summer period. The operation is a preventative campaign to reduce motorcycle casualties.

Riders are recognised as being the most at risk road user group. Whilst motorcycles account for only one per cent of the total road miles travelled, motorcyclists account for nearly 25 per cent of those seriously injured or killed on our roads during 2010-2014.

Ellis Jones Motorcycle team have dealt with 1000’s of injured motorcyclists over the years recovering millions of pounds in compensation. They have helped riders with funding for rehabilitation, repairs to bikes, replacement clothing and loss of earnings.

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Officers from the Alliance Road Policing team will be attending various motorcycle events offering advice to riders, and educating those who are caught speeding or driving in a careless or dangerous manner on the roads in Dorset.

To understand the circumstances in which riders are being killed or critically injured, police data was combined with medical data. Inspector Matt Butler from the Alliance Road Policing Team and Dr Ian Mew from Dorset County Hospital were recently presented with the Trauma, Audit and Research Network (TARN) Annual award, recognising their positive use of trauma data.

The data analysed showed that 78 per cent of those killed or seriously injured were riding a motorcycle of 500cc and above. 52 per cent were aged between 40 and 59 years old.

In 74 per cent of cases, the collision was caused by rider error. Over a quarter of those killed or critically injured were riding in convoy with friends and the riders were nearly always male.

Dorset roads that have statistically seen the most collisions have been identified as ‘red routes’. Officers from the Alliance Road Policing team will be patrolling these routes with the intention of encouraging riders to ride safely. Drivers of cars and trucks will also be reminded of the greater risks riders face.

Inspector Matt Butler from the Alliance Road Policing Team, said: “The warm weather means more bikes on the road. Throughout the summer, Operation Wheels will be encouraging bikers to ride safe and drivers to ‘Think Bike’.

“Bikers – please have a look at the Bikesafe website. It will make a difference.

“Some small changes can make bikers safer, more aware and more obvious to other road users. Even the most experienced riders can benefit from refresher sessions to improve their bike skills.”

Operation Wheels aims to ensure that riding remains a great pleasure, so please ride long, safe and enjoy.

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