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DATE PUBLISHED: 22 Sep 2022 LAST UPDATED: 22 Sep 2022

10% Increase to Real Living Wage today

The Living Wage Foundation are a charity who sets the ‘Real Living Wage’. This is a wage set to meet everyday needs using a calculation made according to the cost of living ‘based on a basket of household goods and services’.

Paying the Real Living Wage is voluntary and separate to the legal minimum National Minimum Wage and National Living Wage set by the Government on 1st April each year.

Further information can be found on their website, including a calculator to see if you earn the Real Living Wage.

Employers can become members of the Living Wage Foundation who agree to implement the Real Living Wage rates each year. All employers who participate are listed on the charity’s website.

Today, The Living Wage Foundation announced a 10% increase to the Real Living Wage rates, which is £10.90 across the UK (£11.95 in London). Members must implement the rise no later than 14th May 2023.

To compare, the current statutory National Living Wage rate is £9.50 per hour for those aged over 23. This is the legal minimum.

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