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Date Published:09 Jan 2017 Last Updated:24 Oct 2021

When should I renew my leasehold?

Conveyancing - Residential Property

Do you own a leasehold property?

Do you know its value is reducing every year?

Do you know your property may be unsaleable?

What you need is a lease extension. If you have owned a leasehold property for more than 2 years you are entitled to a Lease Extension by law. The premium you pay for the lease extension will depend, in part, on the value of your property but the crucial element is the unexpired term of your lease. In essence the shorter your lease the more expensive it becomes to obtain an extension. If your lease has less than 80 years left to run it also becomes more expensive to have an extension because the Landlord can charge half of an additional element called “marriage value” to the premium you have to pay. The answer is to obtain an extension as soon as you possibly can and, if possible, obtain the lease extension before the unexpired term of your lease falls below 80 years.

If you do not have an extension you may find you can not sell your property or your property may not be acceptable for mortgage purposes. Many lenders will not lend against properties which have leases of 70 years or less to run, there are also some lenders who will not lend if the lease has less than 90 years to run.

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