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Grievance Procedure

The grievance procedure which should state that if an employee has a complaint or concern they should attempt to deal with it informally first and if this does not work put their compliant in writing.

Steps to follow in a grievance procedure should include:

  1. Receive written grievance from employee;
  2. Acknowledge grievance and invite the employee to attend a meeting. Also advise the employee of the right to be accompanied by a colleague or trade union representative;
  3. Hold grievance meeting. At the meeting the employee should set out grievance and state how they would like it to be resolved;
  4. Investigate the employee’s grievance in full. This could involve interviewing relevant witnesses;
  5. Notify employee of outcome in writing and of right to appeal decision;
  6. If employee appeals invite employee to attend an appeal meeting, with a companion and an impartial person.

It is really important that as a minimum when dealing with disciplinary and grievances that the employer is aware of and follows the Acas Code of Practice. The Code can be found here.

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