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Drink Driving

There are a range of drink driving offences which, if convicted, you could be imprisoned, be disqualified from driving (unless exceptional circumstances apply) or receive a fine.

Our legal experts are vastly experienced in dealing with all drink driving offences which include the following:

  • Failure to provide two specimens of either breath, blood or urine at a Police Station
  • Fail to consent to your blood being taken while in hospital
  • Failure to co-operate with a roadside breath test
  • Being unfit through drink when in charge of or driving a vehicle
  • In charge of or driving a vehicle with excess alcohol

In some situations, whilst there may not be a defence to the drink driving offence, there may be “special reasons” surrounding the circumstances of the offence. If a special reason applies and is successfully argued, disqualification from driving can be avoided. It is important therefore, if you have been accused of a drink driving offence, to obtain legal advice as quickly as possible.

If you have been accused of drink driving and would like to discuss your situation and obtain legal advice, please contact our legal experts to arrange a reduced fee initial meeting.

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