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Date Published:21 Nov 2018 Last Updated:18 Jan 2022

Dorset Police posing as undercover cyclists – drivers beware!

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As part of BRAKE’s Road Safety Week, Dorset Police have today announced that officers will ride bikes fitted with cameras on Dorset roads as part of Operation “Close Pass”. They first ran this campaign back in July 2017 and it was a great success.

Drivers should give cyclists 1.5m of clearance when overtaking. I have myself had many vehicles in a rush to get past me on my bike, coming within touching distance of me. Fortunately, I have been OK. However, I have acted for many cyclists that have not been so lucky and sustained fractured collarbones, arms and wrists as a result of a vehicle passing too close to them.

Dorset Police will pull over any drivers flouting the rule and will be offered roadside education on safe passing distances. If they refuse this, they will be handed a £100 fine and given 3 penalty points. Cyclists will also be given Police advice during the operation.

If you have the misfortune of being knocked off your bike as a result of a vehicle passing too close to you, call our cycle accident specialist for free advice on 01202 057710 or email at david.mcwilliam@ellisjones.co.uk