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Date Published:13 Sep 2017 Last Updated:25 Oct 2021

Cycle Accident Specialist Supports Cycling UK’s Campaign on “Car-Dooring”

Personal Injury Claims

Cycling UK has launched a campaign to raise awareness of “car-dooring”. This is where occupants of vehicles open their doors into the path of a cyclist. This can kill or seriously injure cyclists.

David McWilliam is a leading cycling injury lawyer and has dealt with many of these types of claims. The most common injuries sustained are to the shoulder and neck which require surgery and extensive physiotherapy treatment. One such case resulted in a fractured collarbone and an operation to have metalwork inserted to help the injury heal.

The campaign is seeking to get the Dutch reach included in the driving test. This is used in Holland where as part of the driving test, drivers are taught to open a car door with their right hand which forces them to turn and see if anyone is approaching from
behind. It is mandatory in the Dutch driving test. The left hand would be used in the UK.

It is a simple technique and is also applicable to passengers of vehicles. A video of the technique has been viewed over 1 million times on You Tube.

The campaign is supported by the AA.

David McWilliam fully supports the campaign as he has seen the nasty injuries this type of incident can cause to cyclists

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