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NHS Continuing Healthcare

NHS Continuing Healthcare (“CHC”) is also known as fully funded NHS care. This is a package of care provided free which is arranged and funded by the NHS.

It can be provided either in the adult’s own home or in a registered care home. It is for care provided to persons aged 18 or over to meet physical or mental health needs.

There is a strict criteria to be met which starts first of all by an assessment by a Doctor, Nurse, Social Worker or other healthcare professional. Subject to this the adult may be eligible for a full assessment which is carried out by a Multi-Disciplinary Team (“MDT”). They will decide whether or not someone has a primary healthcare need. Eligibility depends on assessed needs rather than a particular diagnosis or condition and is not based on the patient’s assets and income, which are ignored.

If an adult is not eligible for full NHS CHC funding they may get a small weekly payment towards their nursing costs called NHS Funded Nursing Care (“FNC”). This is when the NHS will pay a contribution towards the cost of the registered nursing care.

Neither CHC or FNC are indefinite and can be withdrawn at a later stage following further assessments of the patient. We can step in and assist you should that happen.

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