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Tax Disputes

Insolvency proceedings are often accompanied by disputes with HM Revenue & Customs. Tax demands regularly make up the debts contained in insolvency proceedings. HMRC are more frequently using Statutory Demands as an enforcement method.

When tax disputes are linked to insolvency proceedings, we look to defer, stay or dismiss the proceedings until the appeal of the underlying tax debt is determined.

We therefore have experience in investigating and submitting tax appeals on behalf of companies and individuals. Examples of our experience are:-

  • Arranging advice and providing strategic overview to companies and individuals on appealing tax demands issued by HMRC.
  • Negotiate with HMRC, with a view to reducing or defeating the tax liability.
  • Preparing an appeal of the demanded tax with HMRC or an Appeal Notice to the First Tier Tribunal (Property) Chamber, when all appeals have been exhausted with HMRC.
  • Preparing applications for permission to appeal tax out of time when a tax payer has missed the relevant deadlines to do so.
  • Preparing hardship applications with HMRC or the Tribunal when a tax payer cannot pay demanded tax on account (as required when appealing certain taxes).
  • Advising on personal liabilities of directors that can arise from company tax liabilities, such as in regard to certain penalty charges.
  • Advising on insolvency options available, such as involuntary arrangements, when a tax payer cannot pay a tax liability or afford to challenge a liability.

We work closely with expert tax barristers, forensic accountants and other tax specialists to provide you with a full service and ensure that you have the best possible chances of successfully disputing a tax demand.

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