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Licences and Tenancies at Will

Licences and Tenancies at Will facilitate a quick agreement between a Landlord and Tenant to allow a Tenant into a Property.

Licences and Tenancies at Will are only temporary solutions and legal advice needs to be taken to ensure you are aware of the pros and cons of these, and whether further work needs to be carried out after the Licence or Tenancy at Will is agreed.


A Licence is a personal agreement between the Land Owner and the Occupier. There is no Landlord and no Tenant.

A Licence cannot be sold by the Landlord or Occupier. Either the Land Owner or the Occupier can bring the Licence to an end by giving notice to the other.

Tenancies at Will

A Tenancy at Will has a Landlord and a Tenant. It is similar to a Lease but does not have a fixed period.

Either the Landlord or the Tenant can bring the Tenancy at Will to an end by serving notice on the other. How the Tenancy at Will ends depends on the specific terms.

Our Commercial Property experts work with you to ensure that you are signing the right type of agreement that achieves what you want and need.

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