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Landlord and Tenant

If you rent out your property or are a tenant who is renting, you may from time to time need to seek specialist advice regarding your rights and obligations.

Our experienced property dispute lawyers can provide sensible and pragmatic advice which is proportionate to the number of issues in dispute. We will always try to resolve matters through negotiation, mediation or arbitration. However, if that fails, we will be there to support you through a claim or defence in the civil courts or tribunals.

We advise on a wide range of landlord and tenant matters including:

  • Service charge disputes
  • Rent arrears and rent disputes
  • Termination of your tenancy (including forfeiture and possession)
  • Landlord and tenant responsibilities and obligations to each other
  • Disputes over how your property is managed
  • What obligations you have in your lease or tenancy agreement
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