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Commercial Property Planning Permission

We can advise you on the technical aspects when you are a property developer acquiring a site conditional on the grant of planning permission and also when you are the landowner in that situation. We have a full grasp of the planning system, both in practice and in theory, so that we can fully protect your interests.

If you are thinking of submitting a planning application we can advise you on the process, the matters that the local planning authority will take into account in reaching its decision, the likely timescale and the effect of any conditions imposed. If the application is refused, we can advise you on an appeal, whether by written representations or at an informal hearing/ public inquiry.

The granting of planning permission for commercial developments is usually conditional on the completion of a section 106 agreement (sometimes a unilateral undertaking) and our experience in this area will mean that we can fully protect your interests when negotiating that document.

We can also advise you on judicial review of planning decisions and high court challenges to appeal decisions.

If you are buying or giving a loan on a property that already has planning permission, we can advise on its validity as well as looking at solutions where there is no planning permission which we have reached over many years experience.

We can also advise you on listed buildings, infrastructure agreements such as section 38 and 278 agreements for road works associated with your development as well as stopping up highways to facilitate the development.

If you are unable to reach agreement for the sale of land by agreement when assembling your site, we can advise on the way in which a deal with the local authority can be structured so that they will use compulsory purchase powers to acquire that land as well as acting for the Council in that process. Our experience in this area includes town centre mixed use developments and regeneration of large scale housing estates.

If we can assist with any planning enquiries, please call our commercial property team on 01202 525333.

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