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Inquests and Coroner’s Courts

An inquest is a legal inquiry into the medical and physical cause and circumstances of a person’s death, but does not apportion blame on any individual.

An inquest may be held if the death occurred in the following circumstances:

  • Following an accident, injury or industrial disease
  • During a surgical operation or before recovery from an anaesthetic
  • If the cause of death is unknown
  • If the death was violent, unnatural, sudden or unexplained
  • If the Deceased has not seen their own Doctor for 28 days.

The inquest is conducted by a Coroner. Since July 2014, the appointed Coroner must be legally qualified or a Doctor. Our Head of Crime, Jonathan Morrissey, was appointed as a legally qualified Coroner having a vast amount of experience, holding the position of Deputy Coroner for Bournemouth, Poole and Eastern Dorset for 12 years.

It is vastly beneficial to have a Solicitor present at the Inquest to help you understand procedures and verdicts, and to help you with questions you may wish to ask at what is an incredibly stressful and emotional time.

Sometimes the verdict will show that the death was caused by an accident, injury, industrial disease or any other circumstances in which a claim for compensation could arise. Our legal experts are able to assist in this capacity as well.

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