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Estate Administration Disputes

When a person dies, their estate will be administered by their representatives (an executor or administrator, depending on the circumstances) following either the terms of their last valid Will or the rules of intestacy (the rules that apply when a person does not leave a valid Will).

Whilst in most cases, an executor or administrator will carry out the administration of the estate properly, unfortunately, this is not always the case. It may be that an executor or administrator has delayed for an unreasonable time and is failing to administer the estate properly or in a timely way.

It may be that an executor or administrator has given gifts from the estate to people not entitled or not distributed the estate to those who are. It may be that the executor or administrator has taken a personal benefit from the estate in circumstances when they are not entitled to do so.

If you have concerns about how an executor or administrator is administering an estate, our expert lawyers can advise on what executor and administrators can and cannot do, and take action against them when they have acted beyond their powers.

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