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Emergency Applications

Sometimes it is necessary to take urgent action to prevent harm to a child.

Whilst the Police and Social Services will serve to protect children where there is a risk of immediate physical harm, there are a variety of situations where a Court application will also be required. For example, a Prohibited Steps Order prevents a parent from taking a specific course of action in respect of a child without the Court’s permission. This may be necessary, for example, where one parent intends to take a child abroad against the wishes of the other parent or a parent trying to change a child’s school or move a child’s home without agreement.

We are highly experienced in making urgent applications where time is of the essence. We can in certain cases obtain port alerts and injunctions to prevent a child being taken out of the country or otherwise placed in harms way by obtaining Court Orders the same day. It is essential to ensure the correct process is followed from the outset to prevent the child(ren) from coming to any harm.

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