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Child Maintenance

Our child maintenance solicitors have considerable experience in child maintenance law. We provide legal advice on the financial support for children which often involves wider issues surrounding family relationships.

If a child does not live with you, you will be required to pay child maintenance for that child(ren). The Child Maintenance Service is responsible for determining the amount the parent is required to pay. The exact amount payable can be calculated by following this link: https://www.gov.uk/calculate-child-maintenance

The Court can also order financial provision for children over and above that which is determined by the Child Maintenance Service under Schedule 1 of the Children Act 1989. These are referred to as “Schedule 1 Applications”. Separated parents (both married and unmarried), Guardians, Special Guardians and those parents with whom a child lives can apply on behalf of a child. In special circumstances a child can make an application in their own right if they are over 18 and receiving training or instruction at an educational establishment or training for a trade, profession or vocation.

The Court has the power to award child maintenance payments, lump sum payments, a transfer of property or settlement of property for a child during their minority. In practice, Court Orders for maintenance payments will only be made in certain circumstances such as where one parent is abroad, in order to meet education expenses, to assist with the costs for a disabled child or where the paying parents are very high earners.

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