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Buying/Selling a Business

Buying or selling a business can be an extremely complex, stressful and costly experience. Legal advice is an absolute necessity in such transactions to protect your interests and ensure that you are not exposed to any significant and potentially long term risks.

Our buying or selling a business solicitors have a great deal of experience in dealing with mergers and acquisitions, ranging from small local deals to multi-million pound international transactions.

Recent work completed by our mergers and acquisitions experts includes:

  • Multiple sales and purchases of high value care homes in Dorset, Hampshire and the South;
  • Sale of a multi million pound Dorset based civil engineering company;
  • Purchase of a fabric retail business;
  • Sale of multiple accountancy practices;
  • Purchase of a health club;
  • Acquisition of Dutch and German companies;
  • Sale of a chain of pharmacy businesses;
  • Pre-pack sales and purchases.

Our commerical solicitors offer a free, no obligation meeting to discuss your business and legal requirements further.

  • How do I restore a company?

    A company can be restored in one of two ways: through administrative or court restoration. The process for administrative restoration includes; first, a bona vacantia waiver letter must be sent to the Treasury Solicitor before an application can be made to Companies House for administrative restoration. This second stage requires the completion of an RT01 form and will involve a fee of £100 along with the payment of any outstanding fees and penalties. Court restoration incurs Court fees and requires the preparation of further documents, such as a witness statement, before the company can be restored. In both instances it is recommended that you seek independent legal advice.

  • Can you use the name of a dissolved company?

    There are certain circumstances which allow a director to set up a company with the same or similar name of a dissolved company within 5 years of the date of liquidation. These include; the filing of a Court application within 7 days of liquidation and, the instance in which the business is sold on by a licensed insolvency practitioner. This rule prevents directors of companies from accruing debts to creditors before closing a company and then restarting it with the same name.

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