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Buying and Selling Horses – Contracts and Misrepresentation

Buying a horse involves a number of decisions which shouldn’t be taken lightly. A horse is a serious commitment and, aside from the initial price paid for the horse, thought will also need to be given to the costs involved in caring for your horse, such as rent, feed, farrier, vets, equipment etc, the list really does go on.

There are lots of top tips available online which cover how to purchase your horse and ensure that you are assessing the horse and its ability to meet your requirements. Sometimes, however, despite careful consideration and entering into a clear contract, you get your dream competition horse home and it has underlying health issues that mean it cannot be ridden or you get the happy hacker home and it can’t be near traffic.

If you have been sold a horse that was not as described, we can help you. Please get in touch by emailing equinelaw@ellisjones.co.uk to arrange a free initial consultation.

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