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Access and Contact

A Child Arrangement Order determines who the child is to live with and/or who the child will spend time with. This was commonly referred to as “custody” or “access”.

Child Arrangement Orders can be granted to more than one person and are not limited to parents. These orders can also be granted to grandparents, step parents or other adults caring for children.

Where an Order provides that the child will live with mum, dad or a grandparent that person will automatically have parental responsibility. For those parents who the child does not live with, the Court can order daytime visits with the child as well as overnight stays, holidays and communication by telephone or email.

An Order can also deal with more difficult situations where there are worries surrounding one parents ability to look after children properly. For example, the Court can order that contact should be supervised or be held in a specific location such as a Contact Centre.

We are experts in this field having dealt with countless cases where access and contact are in dispute and are well placed to advise you in respect of the approach the Court would likely take in the event of a dispute.

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