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Date Published:29 Sep 2017 Last Updated:23 Oct 2021

Cycle Helmets Reduce the Risk of Severe Brain Injuries

Personal Injury Claims

Leading cycle injury specialist, David McWilliam deals with hundreds of cycle accidents and supports the case for wearing a cycle helmet to reduce the possibility of a serious head injury. He has dealt with many head injury cases – some were wearing helmets and some were not. In the majority of cases, the cyclists who were not wearing a helmet sustained more serious head or brain injuries. This affects them at work and at home. The impact on them and their loved ones is massive.

David explains:

“I have had clients who have said that they normally wear a helmet but on this one occasion they didn’t wear one as they were only going for a short local ride and thought they would be OK. Do not take anything for granted. Always wear a cycle helmet. It will give you a much better chance if you are knocked off.

Cyclists spend thousands of pounds on their bikes but then buy a £20-30 helmet. Always get the best helmet that you can afford and always wear it.”

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