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Rebecca Bennett
Rebecca Bennett
Date Published: 8 Jul 2020
Last Updated: 8 Jul 2020

The Chancellor’s latest announcement: Job Retention Bonus

Employment Law Advice

The Chancellor has announced today a new policy to keep employees in their jobs stating “If you stand by your workers, we will stand by you”. Please see the following link to the full speech: https://www.gov.uk/government/speeches/a-plan-for-jobs-speech

The policy will be labelled “Job Retention Bonus” and involves employers receiving a £1,000 bonus for each person it brings back who is currently furloughed, as long as the employer continuously employs them. We understand that this will apply to those who receive £520 or above, on average per month from November to January. We expect full details to follow in the coming days.

The Chancellor further stated that it is vital that people aren’t returning to work for the sake of it. We therefore believe that now is the time for employers to make important decisions regarding those who remain on furlough. This may include redundancies, bringing them back to work on a permanent basis or agreeing a change to their contractual terms).

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Rebecca Bennett
Rebecca Bennett