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Date Published: 22 Apr 2014
Last Updated: 12 Mar 2020

Court Fee Increases 2014 - A Comparative View

Dispute Resolution

The Government has confirmed that drastic changes to the Court fee structure will take effect from today (22nd April 2014).

Whilst there are no changes in the fees payable for smaller money claims, you will note below that some significant changes have been made to claims with a value in excess of £1,500.

Value of Claim

2014 Court Issue Fee

2013 Court Issue Fee

2014 Money Claim Online

2013 Money Claim Online

up to £300£35£35£25£25
£300.01 - £500£50


£500.01 – £1,000£70£70£60£60
£1,000.01 – £1,500£80£80£70£70
£1,500.01 – £3,000£115£95£105£80
£3,000.01 – £5,000£205£120£185£100
£5,000.01 – £15,000£455£245£410£210

£15,000.01 – £50,000


£50,000.01 – £100,000


£100,000.01 – £150,000


£150,000.01 – £200,000





£200,000.01 – £250,000




£250,000.01 – £300,000




more than £300,000




Non-money claims have seen a large increase in the generic fee for claims issued in both the County Court and via Possession Claims Online.

High Court£480£465
County Court£280£175
Possession Claims Online£250£100

With the majority of fees payable seeing an increase in value, there are also a number of reforms which see a stalemate or even a reduction in sums being paid.

Allocation to Track fees and Pre Trial Checklist fees has been abolished and Hearing Fees for the majority of money claims remain the same.

Up to £300£25£25
£300.01 - £500£55£55
£500.01 - £1,000£80£80
£1,000.01 - £1,500£115£110
£1,500.01 - £3,000£170£165
More than £3,000£330£325
Fast Track£545£545
Multi Track£1,090£1,090

Having said this, further noteworthy changes have seen an increase in application fees across the board.

Application on notice£155£80
Application to set aside a County Court Judgment£155£80
Application by consent or without notice£50£45
Application to vary a Judgment, suspend enforcement or suspend a warrant for possession£50£40
Application for a summons or order for a witness to attend court£50£40
Application for a certificate of satisfaction/cancellation of a Judgment debt£15£15

To find out how these changes affect you or to discuss any issues you have concerning a potential or ongoing dispute, please do not hesitate to contact us on 01202 525333.

A full list of all new Court fees can be found on the Ministry of Justice website.

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