Road Traffic Offences

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The road traffic offences that are most likely to affect drivers are;


Often drivers are offered a fixed penalty procedure with standard fine, 3 penalty points and no other punishment. Sometimes drivers are offered the driver’s awareness course and payment of a fee in lieu of penalty points. For more serious offences drivers are liable to be endorsed with more than the minimum 3 penalty points depending on the actual speed by which they exceed the limit.

Penalty points/Totting Up

Unfortunately many drivers accumulate 12 or more penalty points within a 3 year period in which case they are liable to be disqualified for a minimum period of 6 months according to law. Only in cases where exceptional hardship (often to persons other than the driver can be proved) can this be avoided or the disqualification reduced. These situations are rare but I am a specialist in this field.

Drink Driving

Ordinarily, a conviction for an offence involving drink or drugs carries an obligatory disqualification for the statutory minimum period of 12 months depending on the amount of alcohol or drugs consumed. Defences are rare but on occasions there are situations where special reasons can be argued as to why disqualification can be avoided. I specialise in advice, representation and mitigation. A driver’s rehabilitation course can usually be taken and if passed can reduce the disqualification by 25%.

Driving Without Insurance

Often drivers are unaware that they are uninsured for various reasons. There are cases where I can argue that special reasons exist why penalty points should not be imposed.

Dangerous or Careless Driving

These offences usually involve collisions or driving on the wrong side of the road or momentary lapses of concentration. The sentencing options for the court depend on the seriousness of the allegations.

Failing to Stop after or Failing to report an Accident

Where any damage is caused to persons or property involving a car there are duties upon the driver to stop at the scene and exchange particulars or report to the police as soon as practically possible even where the damage caused is minimal.

Failure to provide driver details

Failure to provide details when requested by the police carries 6 penalty points and many drivers do not fully understand the implications of failing to respond within time to the request for information to a Notice of Intended Prosecution.

We offer a Rolls Royce Service which includes:

  1. free initial consultation and a strengths and weaknesses analysis of the case
  2. advice as to the appropriate plea, any defence or mitigation including exceptional hardship or special reasons to avoid penalty points
  3. advice and consultation by phone, email, fax or face to face consultation
  4. representation at court where appropriate and preparation of all court documentation, obtaining experts reports, witness statements and instructing experts
  5. 24 hour telephone advice service available

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